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VdT - nr16


The abstract painting by Vincenzo di Toma

Colours express themselves through geometric shapes. The elements on the canvases move inside the spatiality of colour. Shapes form new shapes and then other shapes, afresh in a game of multiple combinations.

The onlooker can step into the painting and recognize well known shapes at any glance.
He is shepherded by the author in the memory space through his forms and colours. Geometry becomes thus memory. Shapes are now patterns and structures that have been built by the experience so far. They meet here, move and tour through different levels, in every direction or in circle.
Dynamism, deepness and colors drive memory onto the space.
Spectator becomes actor and discovers infinity: the stage for the performance.

The originals of the canvases here reproduced constitute the entire work by Vincenzo di Toma starting from the most recent ones up to his first paintings. Each image is accompanied by a code identifying the painting and by details on its dimension and characteristics.
To check which of the original canvases are still available for sale, please write to: [email protected]

Any of the artworks can be reproduced in limited edition in sizes and on different supports to be defined.

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