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The Brand Swarunghen originates from the idea of using details of the paintings by Vincenzo di Toma in order to decorate, personalize and, mostly, to spread on a larger scale, the emotions suggested by their images and colours.

The name Swarunghen is a name of fantasy linked to the creation of a specific character and her story: Queen Swar, the queen of colour.

Details form the images of the paintings can be licensed to renew look and features of whatever daily use product.

Last works

Paint VdT- nr. 60 - Oil on cardboard canvas

VdT- nr. 60 - Oil on cardboard canvas

Paint VdT- nr. 48 - Oil on cotton cardboard

VdT- nr. 48 - Oil on cotton cardboard



The author of the paintings entitles the reproduction of his works on great scale for scenographies, backgrounds and set design.

For information please visit the Licensing page.

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